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An Introduction to Cheddar Cheese

Monday, 09 Jun 2014 - 6:46 pm

The origin of Cheddar owes its roots to the Village of Cheddar, Somerset area of South West England. However, historical evidence reveals that used to be prepared from 12th century. In recent period, Cheddar comes with a pale yellow look. Generally, we find with a white and soft surface. However, due to its unique process of preparation provides this with a pale yellow shade and a hard surface. Makers generally need to follow some special techniques while preparing this out of the box dairy product.


The first step of cheddar Cheese making begins with the separation of Curd and Whey by using rennet. Now the process of shuddering starts with adding salt to the heating process of the curd. Now after kneading salt with the curd, the makers cut the cheese into pieces. Once the cheese cubes are prepared, then makers send these cheeses for maturing them for a period of twelve to eighteen months. In this period, the cheeses are packed in a wooden box and kept in the humid surroundings of a cave.

Inside this sealed humid temperature, bacteria get a chance to enter the surface and help to mature the from the core. At the same time, this presence of bacteria adds a tangy taste to the cheese. The shade of the also transforms due to this. When the cheddar cheese used to be prepared in the Cheddar village, the villagers used to keep their cheese boxes inside the caves which wren located nearby the village. Following this natural process cheese gets a unique taste. In recent times after the arrival of the different technical gadgets, now the cheese producers use them for a fast maturing process.


This special type of cheese is now available throughout the world. In each country, this cheese has its own name. However, the process of preparation is all the same. Cheese lovers, who mostly want to try different types of cheeses or dislike the sweet and creamy cheese for the health, this special type of cheese plays an essential role for them. Starting from pairing this with bread to the walnut crackers, this cheese goes well with different types of food.

Pairing with wine

If you love to consume cheese with wine, then select a sophisticated bottle of Red Wine. The sweet taste of the Red wine will brilliantly blends with this tangy tasted cheese. The smooth finishing of the wine with the semi soft surface of the cheese will make your cheese consumption unique and perfect.
Apart from trying this cheese with wine, you can also pair some fresh slices of green apple with the cheese. The entire amalgamation of cheese, apple and sweet red wine makes your dish complete and the flavour of each product will complement each other.

Nutritional Benefits

Apart from its different taste, this is also known for its nutritional value. With the consumption of 100 gm of cheese of cheddar category, you will get Three Hundred Ninety kcal of energy. This cheese offers 25.50 g of protein. Apart from this, you will get other food related values like carbohydrate, fat and other natural minerals for a healthy living.

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