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Car Care: Preventing Car Rust

Saturday, 11 Jun 2016 - 9:29 am

Keeping your car rust-free prevents serious damage and maintains the look and value of your car. Rust can turn any car or truck into dust in no time. There are several points on your car that are more susceptible to rust. For example, your car's engine, frame, chassis, exhaust system and trunk compartment can develop rust. Here’s how you can protect your car

The best option is to keep rust from forming on your car. Or at least address it before it eats it way to the other side. Because bare metal will oxidize and painted surfaces won't, you only need to protect your car from the elements to keep rust a bay. This means a periodic checking of the most common rust-prone areas of your car.

Keeping the car’s paint waxed is a good way to make sure the finish lasts. Paint protects your car from oxidation and it’s expensive to get redone, so taking care of it makes a lot of sense. That means taking the time at least once a year to use a good protective wax.

Keep it clean. Failing to keep your car clean puts it on the fast track to rust. As you drive, dirt collects in your car's various nooks and crannies. Where dirt resides, moisture will follow, and the muddy mess will eventually wear down the protective paint to bare metal. From there, it won't take long for rust to do its worst. If you can, give your car a good wash once a month.

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Be wary of salt. If you live in a city with a lot of snow, your vehicle will come in contact with a lot of salt, which is used to prevent ice from forming. The same happens when you live beside the ocean. The salt from the sea water will speed up the rust process, so make sure to have your vehicle cleaned well if it comes in contact with salt.

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