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Caring for Leather Car Seat Guide

Friday, 08 Apr 2016 - 12:27 pm

We always associate leather car seat covers with elegance and style. But, they can be costly and need special care for preserving its appearance. In addition to the fancy look, leather seats are long lasting and stain-resistant. They need cleaning and conditioning on a regular basis. Without proper care, the material can get dry and cracked. It will also lose shine and flexibility.

When compared to some other materials used for creating seat covers, leather is the most delicate. It is combined with special protectants during the manufacturing itself. Even so, these protectants lose their potency with regular use, which makes the leather prone to damage brought on by dust, dirt, oil and even sunlight. As a way to preserve its shine and texture, it is important to clean and condition the leather material regularly.


In spite of being infused with those essential protectants, dust and dirt can get ingrained in the material over time. Aside from that, weather conditions also contribute in making the leather dry. Therefore, regular cleaning is a must to prevent if from drying and becoming dirty with cracks. It is not advisable to clean your leather seat with water and soap, as the material will harden and shrink. Also greasy and waxy kinds of products are not ideal for cleaning, as they can easily attract dirt and dust. What you need to do is to wipe down the car seats by using a clean and soft fabric. There are also good quality leather cleaning agents that can be applied once every three months.

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Leather material needs to be moisturized at regular intervals to protect it from cracking and drying. Just like when you moisturize your skin, this kind of material needs some moisture too so as to keep its sheen. You can get it done by using a leather conditioner. Be sure to choose a good quality moisturizing product to be used on the car seats. Simply spread the solution over the leather seats, and then wipe them with a clean cloth.Apply the solution generously, in order for the leather to absorb the moisturizing agents in the conditioner well. As the leather conditioner dries out, wipe the seats with a dry cloth.

To sum up, cleaning and conditioning are the two essential elements of proper leather seat cover care. When done regularlyHealth Fitness Articles, your leather car seats will stay glossy and clean for a long time.

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