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Heating Efficiency: Top Tips

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014 - 4:26 pm

If there's one thing us home owners love about summer it's knowing that, for at least a few months we have managed to escape the dreaded heating bills. It's the same every year, winter comes and no matter how long we put it off for we find ourselves soon facing a massive need for constant warmth but that warmth always comes at a price.

Unless we somehow receive a Caribbean climate for the next twelve months, those heating bills are always unavoidable. Whether a large family, a couple or living alone; it is only natural to want our homes to toasty and warm during those harsh winter months but with every passing winter we are all left wondering whether there is any way we can escape the bills we dread.

Aside from somehow magically being able to make your bills disappear there are a few things to be aware of and a few things you can do in order to improve your energy efficiency. By making your home more energy efficient and making yourself more aware of what to do and what not to do, you stand a far better chance of making savings and minimising your annual bills.
The list of top tips is endless and you can find ample money saving ideas everywhere however I have picked a few of the basic, more common points that will hopefully give you a nudge in the right, money saving direction...
• Don't Go Electric- I've lost count of the number of times I've come across someone asking whether small electric heaters are more efficient than radiators. Admittedly the idea of switching on your entire system may seem expensive which is why many opt for the cheap electrical heaters but using these throughout the winter months would in fact cost far more than your standard home heating system would. Remember that just because they came cheap does not mean that they are cheap to run.
• Digital Thermostats- The majority of homes will often have just the one central thermostat but did you know that by fitting one in every room you could actually save on your heating bill? Many families often congregate into one living area in the evenings whilst others spread out into their own rooms; either way the more controls you have, the more efficiently your home can be heated, this is referred to as zoning your heating. Just imagine how much heating you are wasting if you are heating up rooms that you aren't actually using!
• Don't Pay More- One of the prime reasons why domestic heating oil systems are growing in popularity is because of the control and savings made on heating costs. With upfront payment and oil buying groups to ease the financial burden; heating can stop being such a hassle. Having said that however, there are many home owners who still use gas systems, through which over paying is a very real and very persistent problem but this is where price comparisons can prove quite handy. Comparing different tariffs won't take long and could potentially save you a great deal of money!

Don't follow the same repetitive pattern every winter; make yourself and your home more energy efficient and you could save a great deal of money, hassle and the pain of ever having to see those eye watering bills again!

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