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How to Get Rid of Panic Fear

Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014 - 12:54 pm

Our life is very much worth to fear. Survival instincts always subconscious and create fear, not being fixed.

It helps us survive, help us be aware of danger, but if you can not control your fear, we can not mature and strong. "Karate Kid" is a film about black boy according to the Chinese working mom - boy said: "Win or lose, you still have to do so that I am not afraid anymore... " As a child, we I do not know what to that fear. You can kick up in dangerous places, playing with them can cause injury... But when you grow up, the more pressure,e the higher is your understanding even more sacred. When you go to school, you fear a bad grade because the teacher will be reprimand and parental spanking. Upon graduation, you are afraid you will not find a job to get money to support themselves. At work, you are afraid of being fired, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of reputation. When you retire, you are afraid of loneliness, fear of disease... fear that surround you, and I almost fear default that is obvious, is not afraid of things they fear other things, no one does not have much to that fear. And this fear will go? Definitely a good thing also is afraid. You should afraid, you know that they are weak, you will be motivate to explore issues and causes you fear, not free simply afraid and scared forever, you'll just step backwards. Because fear is not bad, but always lived in fear that escape is not bad. Fear can always reasons and can solve your just really determined. "Karate Kid" is a drama about a black boy and her mother to China to work. Here, you have a problem with one of the native boys and they are bullies. Initially, he determined to learn martial arts to overcome other bad peers but to the ring until after qualifying through many injuries, especially near impossible due to the use of a vacuüm injury from the previous round, he had to leave me a profound statement: I still want to play because you're afraid. I do not want to finish today but I still fear it. Win or lose, you still have to do so that I am not afraid anymore! 

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