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How to Satisfy that “Sweet Tooth” Without Eating Too Much Sugar

Saturday, 10 Dec 2016 - 8:51 pm

Sweet is nice, but sugar is out. So, as suppliers of wholesale sweets, we’ve found ways you can satisfy that craving with no, or very little, sugar

A Healthy “Sweet Tooth”

In an increasingly healthy world, sugar has become “Public Enemy Number 1” and we are increasingly encouraged to cut down on our daily sugar intake. This is especially true of processed or “white” sugar which can be found in large quantities in many of our day to day foods and not just sweets and chocolates.

Unfortunately, getting the best of that sweet tooth isn’t so easy. Most of us love to eat something sweet, it’s a great comfort food and makes us feel better in almost any situation. Add to this the simple fact that some form of sugar is an essential fuel source to ensure that our muscles operate properly, and it becomes clear that totally cutting out sugar just isn’t an option.

But not all sugars are necessarily bad. There are many natural sugars that are used by the manufacturers and stocked by suppliers of wholesale sweets that can still give you that comforting sugar “buzz” but without using unhealthier, processed sugars. Increased usage of these natural sweeteners has meant that manufacturers have had to alter their production processes to obtain the best results – and from our experience, they seem to have got it right!

Natural Sugars for Wholesale Sweets and Chocolates

Needless to say, the trend today is towards healthier, natural sweeteners. No more processed sugar or artificial sweeteners. These have been replaced with natural sweeteners extracted from plants such as Stevia and Malitol. These natural sweeteners are increasingly being used by sweet and chocolate manufacturers to satisfy two cravings – a sweet tooth and a healthy lifestyle.

When used in sugar free chocolates these natural ingredients contain levels of sweetness that combine with texture and flavour to produce a final product that is superlative in its taste and provides us with many health benefits from the chocolates’ fibre, magnesium and zinc content.

Black Liquorice Instead of White Sugar

Strange though it may seem, the liquorice root is also a superb natural sweetener. The root contains high concentrations of glycyrrhizin which is some 30 to 50 time sweeter than processed sugar. We often associate liquorice with a strange, acquired taste. But the plant is well known for its medicinal properties and taking advantage of that can be a healthy boost.

Provide the Healthier Alternative

Manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale sweets as well as many businesses selling sweets and chocolates to the general public, are increasingly aware of the health hazards involved in excessive processed sugar intake and of the desire, if not demand, by many of their customers for a healthier alternative. That’s why there are increasing numbers of manufacturers and suppliers who have moved away from sugar to natural sweeteners such as stevia and others and who provide a wide range of healthier chocolates and sweets to choose from.

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