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Quality Skin Brightening

Monday, 09 Jun 2014 - 6:17 pm

Creams Should Promote General Dermal Wellness

Rather than mere whitening preparations, top quality skin brightening creams should be designed to cater for the general health of your body’s complex surface tissue which, incidentally, constitutes the largest of its organs. Within and beneath its surface, this organ performs a number of functions vital to both overall health and comfort. It is therefore fitting that we attempt to maintain it in peak condition to ensure that it continues to deliver peak performance. To better understand this need, let us take a closer look at some of those vital functions.

Its primary function is to serve as a protective barrier for the tissues that it encloses. This is largely the responsibility of its uppermost layer, or epidermis, whose keratin rich cells inhibit the entry of pathogenic organisms from the external environment while, through its waterproof properties, also serves to limit water loss from the cells beneath. One of the requirements of good skin brightening creams should be to help maintain this important surface integrity. The physical antibacterial barrier is further supported by specialised cells in the dermis that are part of the body’s adaptive immune system and which act as a second line of defence. Also located in the dermal layer are the various nerve receptors that are designed to detect the various sensations aroused by heat, cold, pressure, touch, vibration and pain, and whose efficient functioning are dependent upon the overall health of the surrounding cells and connective tissues.

Another key function of this organ is that of thermoregulation, which makes use of the physical properties that occur at hot surfaces, namely evaporation and radiation. In the first case, the production of fluid by the sweat glands in response to increases in the ambient temperature promotes cooling through the principle known as latent heat of evaporation. Although not directly enhanced by skin brightening creams, this ability is also dependent upon overall dermal wellness. The second manner in which thermoregulation is achieved is through the expansion and constriction of superficial blood vessels in the dermis. When expanded, they provide a means to shed excess heat through radiation and when constricted due to the cold, heat will be conserved.

Curiously, although the vast majority of the body’s cells receive their life-giving oxygen and dispose of unwanted carbon dioxide via the circulatory system and the lungs, the uppermost layer of cells in our skin actually obtains most of its oxygen by diffusion directly from the atmosphere, being relatively remote from the underlying network of capillaries. It is also a storage organ as it stores reserves of lipids and water that can be maintained in the dermis.

An important component of good quality skin brightening creams must definitely be a sunscreen with an adequately high protection factor. The dark patches and other irregular pigmentation patterns that may mark our appearance, though to some degree a product of aging, are invariably made worse by repeated and prolonged exposure to the UV rays in sunlight. These same rays trigger the synthesis of melanin, the dark pigment responsible for our natural skin tones that, in turn, are maintained at a consistent level by a reciprocal process in which excess melanin is broken down again. The sun’s light is also utilised in the subcutaneous synthesis of significant quantities of non-dietary vitamin D.  All of these functions underscore the importance of healthy skin.  They also confirm the need for the additional therapeutic properties that distinguish the quality range of carefully formulated melanoceuticals manufactured under the Scinderm label from the many other, quite ordinary skin brightening creams whose sole purpose is to produce the sought after lightening effect.

Maintaining your skin in peak condition requires providing the various micronutrients that are essential to its basic structure and, to do so, involves stimulating the production of adequate quantities of the important connective tissue proteins collagen and elastin. Together they provide the balance between rigidity and flexibility essential to protective and support functions, as well as a healthy looking complexion. The whitening effect in these advanced preparations is provided by an evidence-based combination of botanical agents known to reduce pigment levels by interfering with the various steps in the metabolic pathway responsible for melanin formation, in the nature and depth of colour of certain alternative metabolites, as well as in the subsequent breakdown of pigment.

Through the combination of the essential nutrients, stimulants, moisturisers and sunscreen along with these effective but safe lightening agents, the Scinderm range of skin brightening creams stands apart from all rivals.

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