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Review of the Cougar 200K Gaming Keyboard

Tuesday, 03 Feb 2015 - 11:29 am

A Gamers Review

Official product page:


Model name

COUGAR 200K gaming keyboard

Key switch


Anti-ghosting keys

19 keys

Full key backlight


Repeat rate

1X / 2X


USB plug

Cable length



165(L) x 450(W) x 23(H) mm



Notable features:
SCISSOR-SWITCH - A special scissor mechanism links the keycap that offers a quiet and faster key response
7 COLORS BACKLIGHT - Convenient one-touch to change the backlight color
ANTI-GHOSTING KEYS TECHNOLOGY - 19 Anti-ghosting keys allows you press simultaneously without fear of missing in specific key area
RUGGED BODY - Embedded steel plate for durability and stability
A Gamers Review:
I’ve been a gamer since the Commodore 64 days. The Commodore 64 is basically a large home computer distinctly noticeable by its large keyboard. This has mostly defined me as a mouse & keyboard gamer. It’s become increasingly important for me over the years to get good quality hardware. Low quality cheaper products have mostly ended as simply a waste of money. I’ve taken the stance to rather pay the premium to get great quality I know (or rather I’m guaranteed to get) will outlast the cheaper alternatives.

The Cougar 200K isn’t meant to be a top of the range gaming keyboard, like some very expensive mechanical keyboards out there. It’s meant to be an entry level gaming keyboard. It doesn’t have macro keys, mechanical keys and fancy on-board digital displays. It has what you need as a novice to medium gamer – the basics and a bit more.
I was pleasantly surprised to see and feel the embedded steel plate body. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, it feels strong and stable. The design and layout is styling – I’d be proud to have that in front of my monitor.

The front of the keyboard has a slick LED light illuminating the entire length of the keyboard. Complimented by the backlit keys makes using the keyboard at night a pleasant convenience. The keys themselves are not backlit, the letters and numbers are printed like a standard keyboard. The back light resides below the keys, shining through the gaps between the keys. It’s more than enough to see the keys in a dark room. There’s a dedicated key that allows for quick one-touch colour changes – 7 colour’s available.

The keys themselves are similar to those of a laptop. Short keys makes typing incredibly quick and comfortable. The entire keyboard surface is smooth. I found myself able to type more WPM as well as more accurately compared to my personal chunkier mechanical keyboard. From a gaming point of view, in first person shooters, I use the keypad rather than the WASD keys. So I found during some intense game battles keystrokes not registering. That’s OK though, the keyboard was designed to give anti-ghosting technology to the most commonly used 19 keys, including WASD, most of the left-side keys, space bar, and a few others. This range unfortunately not within my keystroke range.

Overall the keyboard is excellent. It’s meant for entry level gamers. The RRP is around R400 in South Africa. Overseas it’s available for around 30 USD making it more expensive here in SA. Compared to other keyboards around the same price that offer additional features such as programmable keys, true backlit keys, and adjustable brightness, and for slightly cheaper – the 19 anti-ghosting (for WASD gamers) is the only real edge it has.

Some issues have been reported such as the layout of the enter button and ‘ \ ‘ key, making it easy to hit \ instead of enter – I personally did not have an issue with this.
All that aside, I’m certainly going to buy one for my 9 year old son.
My overall score: 7/10


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