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Simple Makeover: 5 Ideas That Will Jazz-Up Your Bathroom

Monday, 10 Mar 2014 - 12:09 pm

Getting your bathroom renovated or upgraded is not an easy task. Moreover, it can be quite an expensive project. And even though there are tons of DIY projects online, it's not always as easy as they make it look. Therefore, we have come up with a few simple, yet creative ways in which you can change the way your bathroom looks. Here are those few ideas that will jazz-up your bathroom.

Wall Decal

Wall decal, or better understood as wall stickers, are easily available online and at stores. The best part is that it is available in different patterns and designs, making any space more interesting. For example, think about what brings you calm and serenity, and pick up a pattern that will bring you close to those feelings. Otherwise, you can also get funny bathroom decals and add a humorous touch. 

Mirror with Frames

Bathrooms usually have medicine cabinets as mirrors and they look very plain and boring. Therefore, replace the medicine cabinet with a good sizedmirror having a frame. For a person who wants to add a hint of vintage to their bathroom he can also incorporate this idea. The mirror will add more character and charm to your bathroom, which the medicine cabinet failed to do. 

Accent Lamps

Switch to classy lamps by installing accent lamps in your bathroom. Accent lamps have the ability to drastically change the way your bathroom looks. Depending on the type of mood or theme you want to go with, you can choose the appropriate accent lamps. Also, one can place the lamp in such a way that it accentuates a decorative piece. For example, you can place the accent lamp in such a way that it highlights the mirror that you have got installed. 

Decorative Bathroom Accessories

This is a very simple idea and all you need aredecorative bathroom accessories. Instead of using your bathroom products' original packaging, replace the contents into decorative accessories. For example, instead of using your liquid hand wash directly from the package, pour the liquid soap into a beautiful dispenser. Thankfully, there are plenty of bathroom accessories one can choose from and some of them are so well designed that you might want to use them as just decorations.

Flowers and Candles

While coming up with decorating ideas for a bathroom, one cannot go wrong with flowers and candles. Try something different by using transparent jars instead of a traditional vase. If your bathroom has enough space, you can even have house plants that are not only ideal for the conditions of the bathroom, but will also fill the space with a sweet fragrance. Candles, even though you might not light them, they look decorative as they are. You can buy candles with various fragrances and use them when you are having a lazy bubble bath. 

These decorating ideas are not only easy, but also very light on the pocket. Moreover, you will leave your guests in awe as to how simple arrangements or incorporating simple decorations can change a space so much.

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