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The dangers of using bad diet plans

Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 - 11:29 am

The desire to lose weight can make people follow bad diet plans and other unproven weight loss theories. According to Isagenix medical advisor, Becky Natrajan, these ill-guided theories results into serious health complications. She further advises people to consult medical practitioners before making any health related decisions that can make you regret later in life. People usually opt for these diet plans because they are cheap, but in reality, cheap is always expensive.

Fasting, low-calorie diets and starvation are some of the most fruitless used diet plans. As much as calorieslashing may result into loss of weight, good weight loss involves lowering of metabolism which involves precious muscles. Sudden restriction of calories results into an increase in body fat, thereby putting you in high risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Unless medically advised, it is risky to reduce calories below 1200 daily. Otherwise, you may experience problems in satisfying your hunger as well as fueling your daily activities. Remember, when you lose weight very fast, gaining it back becomes a problem especially for people above 50 years.

Another form of unhealthy weight loss method that is mostly practiced in college campuses is purging. Basically, purging involves chewing food and spitting it out, forcing yourself to vomit and abuse of laxatives. According to the nutrition director at Washington University, Connie Diekman, this can lead to serious health implications and it's actually the first step towards development of eating disorders. She also states that, the stomach acid is very strong and is meant to prepare food for further digestion. Once content has reached the stomach, it should stay there and should not be forced back into the mouth.

Frequent vomits can cause the mouth, esophagus and tooth enamel to have erosion due to the strong acid. When purging becomes a habit, it may lead to tooth decay and an increase in chances of getting certain cancers. In addition, this form of purging and use of laxatives also leads to excessive body water loss and therefore leading to electrolyte imbalances and serious dehydration. Any of these weight loss techniques is dangerous, but the worse of them all is use of ipecac syrup. A single dose can lead to cardiac arrest and other irregularities. These and any other forms of purging are not good at all.

Despite having many promising but crude weight loss methods, there are healthy ways to lose weight out there. At Isagenix, there are safe and proven products that enables you to lose weight without any negative consequences. The company offers you a product known as Cleanse for Life, which apart from weight loss gives you good health. The product comes in two pack bottles of 32 ounces each. According to Becky Natrajan, their medical advisor, in their nine day program, the product will enable you lose more than seven pounds of weight. This product is available on their website and can also be accessed through their affiliate retailers.

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