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Tips and Hints for Repairing Your Gutters

Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 - 11:20 am

Rain gutters are an integral part of your roofing system. Their function is to divert rainwater away from your foundations and as such need to be kept in tip top condition. Allowing them to fall into disrepair will mean that rain water collects around your house and causes damage to your homes foundations. Simple repairs and cleaning can be conducted by the home owner and there follows a few easy tips.

If you have a leak in your gutter system there are two ways to repair it. Not fixing the problem will mean the leak gets worse and water will pool around your external walls causing damage to the structure. You can either sealthe leak or replace the part of the gutter that is leaking. If you choose toseal the crack or hole that is leaking you should apply the sealant to the outside of the gutter to prevent a build-up of debris and allow the rainwater to flow freely. There are plenty of sealants available on the market and some can even be applied to a wet surface.

Your other alternative for an effective repair is to replace the part of the gutter system that is leaking. This is the better option as it will last longer and be much more effective. It is a simple matter of unscrewing the defective part and replacing with a new one. When you have made your repair it is a good idea to run some water down the system to ensure your work has been effective.

The tips above really apply to UPVC guttering. If your gutters are made of cast iron the problem may be more difficult to solve. Cast iron guttering is prone to corrosion, and what may look like a small leak is actually more widespread and requires more expert assistance. First job is to give the gutters a good clean in order to be able to see the full extent of the damage. If you are looking for trustworthy services there are plenty to choices for you.

Once the system has been thoroughly cleaned it is time to inspect all areas of the guttering. Pressing the ironwork will give you an idea of where it is still solid and in good condition. Small leaks can be repaired with a patch of lead flashing. The flashing should be flattened and the edges sealed. If the damage is more extensive you are probably better calling in the experts.

To help keep your gutters in fine flow they need regular cleaning and maintenance. Over the year debrissuch as fallen leaves and dirt will gather. This kind of material will be detrimental to the water flow and increase the chance of damage to the guttering. With effective maintenance and cleaning your guttering system should last for many years.

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