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Friday, 20 Jun 2014 - 8:35 am

At the legendary GTI meet at Wörthersee, Austria (28 to 31 May), Volkswagen is blurring the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds. In a world premiere, the inventor of the Golf GTI is presenting a show car of the "GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo". Please see below full release for your perusal.

This two-seat convertible super car is the result of collaboration between Volkswagen, PDI and Sony Computer Entertainment. Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design at Volkswagen, explained, "When Polyphony Digital Inc and PlayStation® asked us if we would develop a Vision GT vehicle exclusively for the GT6 game to mark the 15th anniversary of Gran Turismo®, we didn't hesitate for a moment."


An in-house competition was immediately launched and young Volkswagen designers submitted their designs. The submissions were judged by Bischoff and Kazunori Yamauchi, Director of Polyphony Digital and Vice-President of Sony Computer Entertainment, who is the creator of the Gran Turismo series. Kazunori Yamauchi is a huge GTI fan, with his own stable of super sports cars that includes the icon of all sporty compacts: the Golf GTI. Bischoff and Yamauchi-san chose the winning design, and the entire development process was then realised on the computer; even the 3D model of the vehicle was purely virtual.


On 26 May 2014, the "GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo" was unveiled by PDI, Sony Computer Entertainment and Volkswagen for the virtual world of Gran Turismo 6, and from mid June GT6 players will be able to download the super sports car on PS3™. Today, Volkswagen have made the sensational announcement that they have made the GTI Roadster a reality, presenting it as a superlative sports car concept at the GTI meet in Austria.


This concept car proves the potential of Volkswagen DNA and shows that the marque will carry the GTI far into the future. The goal for the "GTI Roadster" was to push the design to the extreme. Since Volkswagen designers gave their fantasy free reign in designing the "GTI Roadster" for GT6 – and were able to overlook production model constraints entirely (e.g. producibility and selling price) – the resulting car is certainly the most spectacular Golf GTI ever! It is a fitting tribute to fans of the Golf GTI and GT6 across the world.


Those who see the "GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo" concept car live at Wörthersee can find out for themselves how it drives from mid June, by taking to the track on screen with a PS3 controller in hand.




Engine: 3.0-litre V6 TSI biturbo direct-injection petrol engine

Power: 370 kW / 503 PS

Maximum torque: 560 Nm between 4,000 and 6,000 rpm (500 Nm of that torque is already available at 2,000 rpm)

Gearbox: 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG)

All-wheel drive system (4MOTION)

Weight: 1420 kg

Acceleration:0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds

V/max: 309 km/h

Wheelbase: 2,494 mm

Height: 1,090 mm

Width: 1,894 mm

Length: 4,158 mm long




Convertible GTI for the race track. This superlative two-seat convertible GTI takes up the idea of C pillars and side sills that flare out from the body and expresses it on another level. Here they are independent body elements, integrated in a convertible sports car whose dual monocoque stylistically links to the world of Formula sports cars. The driver sits in the monocoque and races from the height and perspective of a Formula race car driver.


Aerodynamics is everything. The roadster body was aerodynamically optimised by numerous modifications. Visually prominent at the rear is the large spoiler or wing. It creates a strong downforce, which transfers the extreme engine power to the road in a controlled way via an all-wheel drive system (4MOTION).


Unique side profile. Just as cool as the rear spoiler are the doors that swivel up and forward. The contours of the doors are very distinctive, as they are framed by the side sills, the C pillar and the extremely flared wheel housings. The wheelbase of the Roadster is significantly shorter than that of the production GTI. With its minimal overhangs and minimalistic height and width, the Roadster has proportions that will make jaws drop.


Red, the colour of the GTI. The "GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo" sports a radiant, intensive red metallic colour, a new interpretation of "Tornado Red", the classic GTI red. Designers gave the name "Gran Turismo Red" to the new colour.


Customised 20-inch wheels. The 20-inch GTI alloy wheels also have a new design. Designers worked body coloured elements into the wheels which are equipped with central locks; these elements form a red circle when the wheels rotate. A close look between the wheel spokes reveals the extremely sturdy ceramic brake discs. On the front wheels, the brake callipers grip discs that are 380 mm in diameter; the rear discs are 356 mm in diameter.


GTI of the future. Viewed directly from the front, the roadster looks like a typical GTI – but one sent here from the future. The front end is extremely low and wide, with a three-dimensional design with bumper modules that appear to hover. Underneath, a carbon motorsport spoiler shaped as "blades" fills the space between the car and the road, increasing downforce at the front axle. On the GT6 race tracks, this unmistakable charismatic front-end will cause some uneasiness when competitors see it approaching in their digital rear-view mirrors!




Uncompromising sporty ergonomics. The driver and passenger are enclosed in a dual monocoque made of carbon, with two race shell seats. The seating position is very low, nearly lying down, so it resembles the ergonomic proportions of a race car. The steering wheel is mounted on a very long, exposed steering column, which is typical of a race car.


Black, anthracite and a little red. In the "GTI Roadster" the interior colour selections are "Black" and "Anthracite"; the typical interior colours for race cars. Most decorative elements inside the car were omitted in favour of an uncompromising and driver-active motorsport look. This allows the driver to focus exclusively on the race track – in both the virtual and real worlds! 

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