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Your Own Home in the Hills Essential for Mind Detoxification

Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014 - 4:06 pm

In these times of challenging pressures, forever chasing deadlines and mounting stress to gather resources, our mind is hardly at rest. You must have noticed that any amount of workouts, spa treatments or yoga within the city hardly gives you the rejuvenation you are looking for. The moment you step out of the gym or the spa you are bang in the middle of mayhem once again. To truly detoxify your mind and spirit you need to be close to nature, in solace and in other words in the right dimension of time.

We as city dwellers are constantly dealing with frustration, lack of sleep, insomnia and overwork. Taking a break or escaping into your own sweet abode in the hills will help you gain much needed control and clarity back again! Mental detoxification will ease your stress levels and make you calmer inside out. Then also clearing your mind of clutter of negative thought patterns is essential to maintain good health and enjoy life. In other words mental detoxification goes hand in glove with emotional detoxification as well.

A wellness holiday in the hills helps uncover and express hidden frustrations, anger, resentments, fear, anxiety and replaces them with positivism as you spend quality time with your family. The Art of Living Foundation in Nainital has been helping millions lead a blissful life. What if you find a comfortable apartment to stay right close to the Art of Living Foundation so you can imbibe immensely, meditate in peace and yet be in the lap of luxury. Get out of the rut of constant negativity, just rest and relax at the Blessed Floors ( along the Art of Living Foundation in Tallital, Nainital. The mind and body which work hand in hand will once again come alive with zest. Research has shown the visible effects of stress on the skin too. A good dose of mental detox in a soothing atmosphere will not only reflect on your mental state but also boost the health of your skin.

Simple ways a nature retreat helps to detoxify the mind:
Reduce information overloading - this can only happen in you are in your escape zone. This means allowing yourself a few days in which you do not read the newspaper, go online, watch television or listen to the radio- evading all of this which perpetually create confusing thoughts in the mind will fill you with wholesomeness.
Clears your mind of clutter-a few days in comfort yet away from home will clear your mind as you meditate or take in pure fresh air. Staying in a hotel in a commercial location in a hill station hardly helps as you are back in the loop. Moreover even the most expensive of hotels smell of commercialism-hardly offering you the coziness of home. Having your own little luxury apartment in the hills is bliss and light on the pocket as well. 
Gets you some physical exercise as well- you may not like the idea of walking in the city but a walk in the woods is surely enticing. It gives you mental and physical exercise. The walk or any form of exercise could be either moderate or vigorous depending on your preference. Exercising in fresh air has a high healing and great soothing effect that significantly helps to detoxify the mind and body. Get set to enjoy an optimistic state of mind and co

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